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Use this site to make someone's day. Find gamers from children hospital's that would love to go on a adventure. Give them a chance to escape. Whatever videogame you play make it about them. Play it the way they want and let them lead the adventure.

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Video games are a small escape from reality. No way is that better understood than becoming a gaming hero. You will be allowing these children to escape the struggles of everyday life. It's simple, log on, find a hospital on our game map. Next find a gaming buddy to play matual games with. Rather you make the game about protecting your gaming buddy or letting them lead the adventure you can assure your adrenaline and gaming experience will increase ten fold. You will be helping your new gaming buddy on their adventures and will be adding to their healing process. Who said video games couldnt be productive?

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The whole family can share in the gaming experience. It doesnt matter if your new to video games. It's not about how good you are it's about the adventure.

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Become a Gaming Hero

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